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Hear What Clients Have to Say! 

Clients have been very pleased with their Core Spark experience. It's great to hear such positive feedback.


"Paulea held a one-day workshop for students in a workforce development program I manage.

The program trains them in the necessary hard and soft skills for client-facing work in a corporate atmosphere. Many of them have held professional jobs before, but not corporate jobs, and felt intimidated at the prospect of entering into this new work environment.

Paulea worked with me to understand the students strengths as well as the barriers they were facing before the workshop, and tailored the workshop to those specific needs.

It was invigorating to watch her bring each student's strengths to light on the day of the workshop, helping them realize all of the assets they will bring into their future work environment and to truly see their own potential. The energy in the room was palpable!

We are so grateful for the care, professionalism, and support Paulea showed our participants in every aspect of her work and look forward to working with her again in the future."

Molly Phelps 

Assistant Director, Workforce and Economic Development

Bunker Hill Community College

"Paulea coached me on the result of my Strengths Finder Assessment and I found it incredibly valuable for several reasons. First, the assessment and Paulea’s interpretation of the results helped me to put words to my skills in a way that was affirming and clarifying. She also helped me to see how I was already leveraging my skills and we discussed ways that I could do that better. I left our conversation feeling encouraged but also challenged to develop my strengths and myself further. I’ve since used what I’ve learned in job interviews and  team exercises [with my own clients].  Thank you again, Paulea!"

Betsy Neptune

Regional Executive Director of BUILD Boston and Executive Coach, Neptune Coaching

“I will use this information every day of my life

“Acknowledging and building strengths are very important and brings success and helps you navigate life

This workshop…

…Will help me grow in my strengths and not beat myself up about my weakness

…Will help be become more successful

…Helped me find the describing words for my strengths

…Will help during my interviews and “selling” myself


Students from Be Mass Competitive Program, Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges


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